This campaign follows the adventures of the characters featured in two preceding campaigns, Beacon Company and Beacon Company 2.

Plot Edit

A Bleeding Galaxy Edit

Over the course of the year following the Battle of the Jagged Corridor and the dismantlement of the Auxiliant Mandate, the heroes of the Vigil continued to mend the devastation wrought by ceaseless warring that had plagued the Republic for decades. Jedi Master Bendarin Fellspire personally oversaw the training of numerous apprentices at the rapidly growing Jedi Order on Coruscant, including Madok Rysta and Dartu Takali. Frocukkabukk aided Bendarin in the reconstruction efforts, lending his martial skills to the Republic and Jedi Order alike.

Furvus Malos, a lone agent and Force adept, continued the hunt for Hol'dorr until they disappeared into the Unknown Regions, at which point he returned to known space.

Yhin Xonirr, Tobias Relex, Lex Iryan, Melkin Dranbar, Verenna Avery, Madok Rysta, and, technically, Jero Ballast, lent their services to SIS Intelligence as the Republic investigated a breakout from their primary prison, The Vanguard. A group of Bounty Hunters (including Tobias) had freed a former Sith officer, Talipre Shalt (the former owner of then-enslaved Yhin during the Jedi Civil War). The hunt for Talipre, which included a couple of run-ins with mysterious Clawdite Tono, eventually led the party to the Jagged Corridor, where Czerka Corporation was attempting to purge incriminating data (concerning their involvement with the Mandate). Talipre revealed that she had begun training as a Sith and escaped, and Tobias blew his freaking hand off with a grenade.

A smaller subset of the group (Yhin, Melkin, and Tobias), using data recovered from the Jagged Corridor, tracked the creator of the Ion Isolator to Cinnagar, where they found a massive research base/observatory on Cinnagar (Koros Major) run by Gatanus, a mysterious yet brilliant Givin. Too late, they recognized his hospitality as a contrivance to ensure their silence; Gatanus revealed that he was in fact Darth Victus, accompanied by apprentices Darth Arkous and Darth Bast (Talipre). The trio was interned at his base.

Kavel Caranthyr continued to lead a series of successful strikes against the Children of the First Light, slowly amassing apprentices defecting from Orson Prax's oppressive regime. Notably, he took on the promising apprentice Eiko Darmani.