Plot Summary Edit

After Order 66, many Jedi remained in hiding. To defeat these traitors of the Empire, Moff Giles Sandon and Darth Vader formed an elite crew of Imperials and Mercenaries who specialized in taking out the masters of the Force.

Part 1: 14 BBY Edit

Blooding Edit

Aboard the Star Destroyer Black Spector, a group of mercenaries consisting of the Whipphid G'drot, the Clawdite Kallin Din, the Togruta Izkal, the Zabrak Dia Drayven, the Smuggler and liaison with the Hutt Cartel, Arno Sevra, Arno's personal droid, HK-74u, and Mandalorian warrior So'lorakk Calda'hiir, stood arrayed around a central holo terminal. Moments later, Moff Giles Sandon entered, along with Captain Irus Key. After a brief introduction, a prerecorded holo message from Darth Vader appeared on the console, giving the party a mission: travel to the Imperial world of Anaxes and destroy the Jedi dissenter named Jek Orriken.

Traveling to Anaxes aboard the Imperial Star Destroyer Eradicator, now under the command of Moff Key, the party landed and infiltrated Oriiken's stronghold, and disabled his defenses. While in the city, the party was confronted by a man with a unique set of light altering force abilities, who claimed that he, too, wanted to see the death of the Jedi. He gave his name as Jeric Karkano, a Sun Guard of Rylos. Jeric offered the party a warning, and disappeared. At the steps of the central temple, Oriiken stood alone, ready to destroy the party. However, the Empire was able to land ground forces, and assaulted the compound. Kal Piiro struck down Oriiken, and ended the threat.

The Facility Edit

Sandon directed the party to another Jedi sighting in the snowy grounds of the northern hemisphere of Aeten II. Before the party left, however, an Imperial Scientist by the name of Yorren Squim joined the party. During the assault on Anaxes, Key's aide, Boff Simdov, perished. Acquiring the body, Squim transformed Boff into a monstrosity of science. Utilizing parts of the Ysalamiri, and advanced cybernetics, Boff was transformed into the being known as the Beast.

Arriving at Aeten II, the Eradicator Crew landed in an Imperial survey camp. According to the camp's CO, just due north of the camp was an abandoned Separatist facility from the Clone Wars. In recent days, it had become active. Travelling to this compound, the party discovered numerous bodies on the lower level frozen in carbonite. However, two at the very end had been opened. This discovery triggered the facility's defenses, and soon, the party was set upon by a number of Vanguard Super Battle Droids. The party successfully dispatched them, however, Captain Key suffered a concussion.

Upon exiting the base, the party stumbled upon a figure in the snow. After a brief taunt, he used the force to create a whirlwind of snow that allowed him to escape the clutches of the party, but not before giving a name to attach to the enemy: The Golden Knight.

Hunters Hunted Edit

After reporting to Moff Sandon, the party was informed that a hostile fleet has arrayed itself around Sullust, and have landed an army of Separatist Battle Droids on the planet's surface, routing the Imperial Personnel, and successfully claiming Sullust for the insurgent faction. Sandon also reported that this rogue faction is led by a figure they call the Golden Knight, and that the Eradicator was to join the Third Defense Fleet at Sullust. Upon hearing this news, Arno Sevra left the Eradicator to report to Jabba the Hutt, and to seek his aid in the conflict.

In transit from Aeten II to Sullust, a string of mysterious murders occurred aboard the Eradicator, all pinpointing key leadership aboard the ship. Among the casualties were Troop Trainer Geribold Rist, Security Chief Odo Parnell, and Yorren Squim. While investigating these murders, Key discovered that he was one of the targets, and set the Beast to guard his personal quarters from this attacker. It was the efforts of So'lorakk Calda'hiir and Kallin Din that resulted in the destruction of the infiltrator, the HK droid left by Arno Sevra. Sevra's betrayal now revealed, Key began distrusting the non-Imperial members of his crew.

Glimpse of Infinity Edit

Upon arriving at Sullust, the Eradicator was met at the Hyperspace Buoy by a CIS command vessel. After launching a heated space battle, won by the tactical prowess of Irus Key and his Bridge Commander, Miles Preston, and with the expert piloting of Void Squadron, and its' commander, Garn Perlos, Key led a boarding party aboard the vessel.

After fighting through waves of battle droids, the party reached the bridge to discover the commander of the enemy forces was a Mandalorian. This Mandalorian was named Jodo Kabaast, and, in honor of his defeat, divulged that there were three Jedi on Sullust, and that they called themselves the Vanguard. Key slew Kabaast.

Hot Mess Edit

The Empire launched a full scale assault on the Vanguard forces at Sullust. Commanding the Third Fleet was Vice Admiral Thrawn, aided by Captain Miles Preston, while Key and General G'drot led the ground assault. Key, from his forward command post, issued commands to Commander Rylas Gnarl and Commander Maximilian Veers in their AT-AT walkers to take the manufacturing facility that was held by the Vanguard, while he sent General G'drot on foot to capture Sorusuub Headquarters. Kallin Din, Kal Piiro, and So'lorakk Calda'hiir went straight for Sorusuub, for they were silent, stealthy, and intelligence claimed that there was a central control console for the Droid Army of the Vanguard.

G'drot proved himself to be an apt military leader, thus earning the respect of Captain Key. Kal and So'lorakk made contact with Jedi Master Talia Sharee and her Jedi padawan and brother of Kal Piiro, Rakh Piiro. Kallin was successful in disabling the droid army, and So'lorakk slayed the Jedi, who sacrificed herself to use a Gree Shard to send Rakh through space.

In a last ditch effort to destroy the Imperial forces, the Golden Knight ordered Sorusuub be destroyed, which would collapse the ground beneath the Imperial base camp. However, Kallin was able to report this plan to Key, who then ordered the evacuation of his troops. In order to save Sorusuub, which was a key manufacturer for the Empire at the time, Key and G'drot, followed by the Beast, travelled along caverns to where the Vanguard had planted the bombs. However, before they could reach the bombs, they were accosted by members of the Sun Guard of Rylos, who prevented the Imperials from approaching. Key then decided to evacuate, and Sorusuub was destroyed. Upon leaving Sullust, and due to his time working in the Senate, Commander Gnarl was promoted to Imperial Governor, and was placed in command of Sullust's manufacturing facilities.

Sandon Edit

After the destruction of Sorusuub, Moff Sandon's credibility was horribly tarnished. As Sandon was in line to become a Grand Moff, he attempted to shift all the blame from himself to that of the Eradicator Crew, and ordered Key to rendezvous with the Black Spector for a Court Marshal, dismissal, and eventual execution of his crew.

En route to their doom, the party was contacted by Moff Tarkin, who was also a contender to become Grand Moff. As Tarkin wished to see Sandon gone, he offered the Eradicator crew a full pardon if they were to destroy Sandon. Moff Key then formulated a plan to pull one over on Sandon.

When Key and company arrived aboard the Black Spector, they were met aboard the bridge by Sandon, Sandon's elite guard, and a dark trooper to rival that of the Beast. However, Key was prepared to fight insurmountable odds. Distracting the Moff with a kamikaze shuttle piloted by one of the Eradicator's astromech droids, Key blasted out the glass in the Star Destroyer's bridge. Moff Sandon and his crew were sucked out into space, while, miraculously, Key and company were able to seal the bridge.

With Sandon dead, and a vacant position open, as thanks for Key's efforts on Sullust and the end of Moff Sandon, the Emperor himself appointed Irus Key the position of Moff. His next orders sent Key and company to the fringes of space to negotiate with the Chiss Ascendancy, the Vanguard threat seemingly disposed of....

Part 2: 6 BBY Edit

Wrath of Wroshyr Edit

After Moff Key and crew returned to the known galaxy, a Jedi sighting occurred on Kashyyyk. Moff Key, now in command of the Seventh Assault Fleet, journeyed to Kashyyyk with the Eradicator, the Perilax Pride, and the Shifting Gambit. Landing in the Shadowlands, Key sent his Inquisitor, Jai Skaar, to command an expedition through the Shadowlands. After facing off against a Terentatek, the party managed to climb a Great Wroshyr to the village of Rwookrrorro, where they faced off against Wookiee Jedi Master Weyrrick and the Chadra Fan Jedi Knight Milshie. It was thanks to the efforts of Gallow Thresh that these two were dispatched. More concerningly, these two Jedi bore the emblem of the Vanguard, meaning that the Jedi led insurrection had made a comeback.

Vader's Fist Edit

Another Vanguard takeover of the planet Ord Mantell caused a stir in the Empire, but even more so that the assault was rumored to have been lead by two influential Jedi Masters: Plo Koon and Obi Wan Kenobi. While Plo Koon had indeed survived Order 66, it was not in fact Obi Wan who aided him, rather, a doppleganger made to inspire troops to the Vanguard cause.

Regardless, the rumor of Kenobi's return to the Galaxy prompted Darth Vader himself to lead the charge on Ord Mantell. After the Eradicator crew eliminated Koon's defenses, Vader led the charge on the compound, killing both Koon and the pretend Kenobi himself, angered that his old rival was not present. However, Captain Preston was able to uncover valuable information as to the whereabouts of the Golden Knight.

Infinity Edit

Following coordinates discovered by Miles Preston, Moff Key and the Seventh Assault Fleet ended up at the massive space factory known as the Shard. Being a splinter of the ancient Star Forge, the Shard was the explanation behind the massive Vanguard Droid Army. Key and the Seventh Fleet engaged, and followed with a troop landing on the Shard. The party was able to defeat the Golden Knight, who had been working with Jeric Karkano to destroy both the Empire, and the remnants of the Jedi Order, in an attempt to usurp Galactic Power.

The Shard was destroyed, and Jeric Karkano was left in the explosion of the facility. Upon hearing news of this victory, the Emperor was most pleased.