Frocukkabukk is a Wookiee bladesman, friend of Bendarin Fellspire and the Jedi Order, and an original member of the first Beacon Company.

Background Edit

Life on Kashyyyk Edit

Frocukkabukk grew up in Rroworokk Village on Kashyyyk in a family of hunters and farmers. He spent a great portion of his formative years fighting with his brother Shortatha, both in squabble and in sparring. Though their differences lasted into their adulthood, their relationship was always founded on love and understanding. In his early adulthood, he made the acquaintance of a Wookiee woman named Jilanna, who would ultimately become the love of his life. He had a son with Jilanna - a light-furred boy they named Snotharr. Frocukkabukk was happy.

Rroworokk's Burning Edit

One night, in a Trandoshan attack orchestrated by Vashask, a great fire was started in Rroworokk Village, and Trandoshan marauders invaded. Frocukkabukk was awoken by the screams of his wife and son. When he left his house, he found Jilanna and Snotharr cornered on a nearby limb by a group of three Trandoshans. He immediately began to fight through the invaders, killing one while Jilanna slashed another in the face, sending him off the platform. The last invader grappled with Frocukkabukk and managed to pin him, when he saw the floor beneath Jilanna and Snotharr start to buckle. He wrestled an arm free of the Trandoshan on top of him and drove his claws through his throat, throwing the fresh corpse aside in a rage. Frocukkabukk freed himself just in time to watch as the floor beneath his beloved wife and son broke from the tree, sending them to be consumed in the roaring flames below. His heart broken, Frocukkabukk ceased to fight, allowing more invaders to subdue him. The pain of his injuries woke him up hours later, in the new ashes of his home. Frocukkabukk had lost everything.

Up Vendetta Creek without a Paddle Edit

More to come...

Personality Edit

"Rrrrauuugh, hworrogh!" - Frocukkabukk
During the events of Beacon Company, Froccy behaved very calmly and barely spoke. Behind this facade however, Frocukkabukk was greatly depressed. Having lost his family only five years prior and receiving little to no support from Kosta'ken, his hatred of himself and doubt in his ability only festered. However, Frocukkabukk has always been fiercely loyal to his friends and family; his sense of loyalty shining through his lugubriousness whenever harm came to Kosta or the other members of the Company (with the exception of some who he was less fond of).

After Froccy left Kosta behind and reunited with Bendarin, he began to gain in sense of self-worth. His adventures and training with Bendarin made him feel more capable, and let him focus on the present, though he still harbors his vendetta against Vashask.