Irus Key was a prominent member of the Galactic Empire during the Galactic Civil War era.

Biography Edit

Early Life Edit

Key was born in 57 BBY to an indigent family barely subsisting in a small mining colony on Esseles. Though he was a hard worker, Key struggled to fit in, feeling touched by greatness, and throughout his childhood he dreamed of enlisting with the Republic Navy.

When he was 11, he was badly injured in a mining accident -- corrosive toxins ravaged the left half of his face, leaving him permanently scarred and exacerbating his social standing from outsider to exile.

The Republic Edit

At 13, Key leapt at an opportunity to engineer his escape: he stole aboard a Republic cruiser and, over the next year, was able to secure work as a bridge hand on the Republic assault ship Red Fulcrum.

He worked aboard Red Fulcrum until he was eligible to enlist at 15; during the process, his instructors learned that he had completed the Fleet training modules in secret during his tenure aboard the Fulcrum; as a result, he was granted immediate Lieutenancy in the Republic Navy. Key quickly earned notoriety amongst his subordinates and superiors alike for his ruthless affect, encyclopedic knowledge of Republic Edict, and tendency to report breaches of Republic Protocol; Key received no fewer than six promotions as a result of his diligence, but it came at the cost of camaraderie, of which Key enjoyed precious little during his time as a Republic officer. By 35, he had achieved the rank of Colonel and was collaborating with Republic Intelligence on several special projects.

Rise of the Empire Edit

At the onset of the Great Purge, Key was given top-secret instructions to lead a priority covert strike mission against a Jedi General who had evaded execution at the hands of his squadron; Key was offered Vice Admiralship and command of a new organization, Fleet Intelligence, contingent upon successful completion of the mission. Key, representing the Navy, and Agent Hawke, representing Intelligence, tracked down the Jedi to Tion, but found themselves ambushed. Their squad was decimated, and the mission was an absolute failure from which they barely escaped. Key was demoted to Commodore and given one chance to redeem himself as Operations Commander for an elite Jedi-hunting squad.

The Eradicator Edit

You know the story. See Eradication. During his time aboard the Eradicator, Key was granted the prestigious rank of Moff.

The Empire's Glory Edit

This story has yet to be told....