Miles Preston was an Imperial Admiral that rose to prominence in the early days of the Empire, and continued his career through the Galactic Civil War.

Biography Edit

Perilax II Edit

Miles Preston was born in 66 BBY on the sub-ecumenopolis of Perliax II to Cahlo and Lorna Preston. He grew up alongside his younger brother, Silas, on the 2nd level of Perilax Prime, the Capital district of the near all encompassing city, as his father Cahlo was Senator. Silas and Miles were excellent students, and Miles became quite a competitive Dejarik player, which led to his recommendation to join the Republic Judicial Force.

Republic Judicial Force Edit

At the age of 17, Miles joined the Republic Judicial Force's officer academy, after a shining recommendation from his instructors. Miles continued to excel in the fields of strategy and tactics, and graduated at the age of 22 as a Lieutenant. He served aboard a Judicial Patrol craft known as the Negotiator.

The Clone Wars Edit

In 22 BBY on the planet Geonosis, the Clone Wars broke out. Defeating the Separatist forces, the Republic emerged victorious during this first battle. Mile Preston lended his hand to this victory aboard a Republic Acclamator cruiser. He served as Captain, and landed some of the first Clone regiments of the war. Not long after, Miles was given command of a Venator-class Star Destroyer, which he named Perilax Pride. Miles and his crew aided in the battles of Christophsis, Ryloth, Arbistrus, Obroa-Skai, and Wayland. Once Order 66 was ordered, Miles hesitated to follow through, but gave in to the whims of his superior officers. Not long after, he was convinced by the Senate rhetoric that the Jedi had indeed attempted to assassinate Chancellor Palpatine.

Rise of the Empire Edit

Once the Empire had formed, Miles transitioned to the Imperial Navy. Looking to advance his career, he opted for retraining at the Imperial Naval Academy on Coruscant. Due to his experience, and his age (being nearly 50), the Imperial Navy opted to assign Miles to Special Forces command, placing him aboard the Eradicator as Senior Bridge Officer, and technical Captain, second only to Operations Commander Irus Key.

The Eradicator Edit

While unsure about his assignment initially, Miles became an integral part in the Eradicator Mission to root out and destroy insurgents led by the survivors of Order 66. While Commander, and not long after, Moff Key took charge on the ground, Preston was left in charge of the orbital command. He namely distinguished himself at the battles of Sullust and Rylos, destroying the fleets sent by the Golden Knight with tactical genius, even earning him commendations from Grand Admiral Thrawn, who was the technical leader of the Orbital attack.

Fleet Admiral of the Obroa-Skai Sector Edit

After defeating the insurgents led by the Golden Knight, the Eradicator Mission was dissolved, and Preston reassigned. He earned a promotion to Admiral, and became the Fleet Commander of the Obroa-Skai sector at the behest of Moff Deznit Ulric. Tensions have recently arisen between Moff Ulric and Admiral Preston, and the story has yet to unfold...

Personality Edit

Miles Preston is deeply loyal, and serves whatever cause he stands by whole heartedly, so long as he believes their practices are for the greater good.

Equipment Edit

Behind the Scenes Edit

Miles Preston was initially a throw away character, but gained popularity among the party, and led to the meme "Dammit Preston".