Quipako "Quip" Jappawadoo was a Rodian pilot during the Galactic Civil War, and was the self proclaimed (though nearly substantially so) best pilot in the Outer Rim.

Biography Edit

Life on Rodia Edit

Quip was born to Jaqeer and Dreyaada Jappawadoo. Unfortunately, Dreyaada died not long after Quip was born, requiring Jaqeer to raise Quip by himself. Jakeer was an avid gambler, and made a small fortune, which he invested in a drug runner who worked for Karduga the Hutt. When the runner died, his debts outweighed Jakeer's investment, and the Hutt called for Jakeer to saddle his debts.

Obroa-Skai Edit

Quip followed his father to Obroa-Skai as Jaqeer took on the debts that Karduga the Hutt required of him. Jaqeer served as a freighter pilot and took Quip on many runs, teaching him how to fly and how to avoid Imperials. Jakeer's partner, a Clone Trooper gone rogue by the name of Paax Shrieve taught Quip how to fight, how to lay explosives, and how to talk his way out of problems. Since Jaqeer never stopped his gambling, he also gained a bit of an alcohol addiction, causing him to grow distant from Quip. Because of this, Quip began to look to Paax as a father figure. One night, Jaqeer was murdered at the Sabaac table in a Nar Shaddaa casino, and Karduga saddled Quip with his father's debts. Now, under massive debt, Quip began piloting his own freighter, a YT-2400 freighter known as the Traildust.

The Best Pilot in the Outer Rim Edit

This story has yet to be told...

Personality Edit

Quip is a very skittish individual, though highly intelligent. He's quick to think himself out of a jam, and if all else fails, will talk incessantly until the situation resolves itself.

Equipment Edit

Quip typically wears moderate clothing, though with his time in the Rebellion, has been known to wear an orange pilot jumpsuit. He carries a DL-44, having a slight fascination with Han Solo.