Ryzek Karkano was the son of Jason Karkano and Maria Veneer. After his mother's death, Jason left Ryzek in the care of Maria's brother, Anson, until after Jason had tracked down Maria's killer. Anson, a highly renowned Slicer, taught Ryzek how to hack into computer security systems. Ryzek was the one to finally erase all the data pertaining to the Mandate's Project Rejuvenation.

After tracking down members of the Vigil, Ryzek joined their quest to search for the missing Yhin Xonnir in exchange for a meeting with Doctor Zanni. After learning of Tarask Kahzan's survival, knowing full well it was he who gave the order to murder Jason, Ryzek decided to remain with the Vigil for the chance to end Kahzan's life.