Early LifeEdit

Tal’darian Elko came from humble beginnings, from a distant outer-rim planet under Sith control. His father, Val’ardan Elko, was an officer in the Sith Empire, but Tal’darian knew little of his operations, as the nature of his work demanded utmost secrecy. From his outer-rim planet, he had heard of the “core worlds” and the worlds beyond, but all he was truly familiar with was the ever-present Sith.

Exodus SquadEdit

The day the message arrived that Val’ardan Elko had disappeared, something changed in Tal’darian. Something seemed out of place, and he became suspicious about the details of the disappearance. Determined to discover the elusive nature of his father’s work, Tal’darian enlisted in the Sith forces. Working his way through the trainings, he rose to take his father’s position. It was then that he discovered the truth; Val’ardan Elko was a member of Exodus Squad, a covert special-operations team tasked with infiltration, extraction, and elimination. For two years, Tal’darian operated within Exodus, developing skills in stealth, mechanics, and security, as well as a greater knowledge of the larger galaxy. His preferred means of elimination became the sniper rifle. He and his team performed operations with incredible efficiency, but over time, Tal’darian became uneasy with the goals of the Sith and Exodus. 


In his last operation, Tal’darian was given an unusual assignment. He was tasked with the undercover infiltration of the Alderaan monarchy and manipulation to support the Sith. For almost a year, Tal’darian lived undercover on Alderaan, gaining the trust of the royal house until he made his way to the top. What nobody had predicted, however, was the relationship he developed with the Alderaanian Princess Vallarya, eldest child of King Holdarin. Trusting her entirely, and unwilling to betray Vallarya or her family to the Sith, Tal’darian revealed his true identity and purpose for being on Alderaan. Together, the two kept the secret, and worked to feed the Sith inaccurate information to protect Alderaan. The planet became his home, and Tal’darian was entirely prepared to give up his old life in exchange for the one he had created. 

When the Sith fell, intelligence records were released to the galaxy, and information of Exodus and Tal’darian’s operation on Alderaan reached King Holdarin. Tal’darian was banished and hunted down by royal forces, and he was forced to disappear, fleeing the planet. Separated from Vallarya, he vowed to return.

Now, drifting through the galaxy, Tal’darian uses his skill set to survive the post-Sith landscape.